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Monod Bio is at the forefront of using de novo protein design methods and the lucCage technology pioneered by Dr. David Baker at the University of Washington Institute for Protein Design to create the next generation of biosensors.


Our founders from left to right: David Shoultz, PhD, MBA (Chief Operating Officer), Daniel Silva Manzano, PhD (Chief Executive Officer), and Alfredo Quijano Rubio, PhD (Chief Scientific Officer)

Our biosensor platform relies on a general class of protein-based biosensors created by inverting the flow of information through de novo designed protein switches in which the binding of a peptide key triggers biological outputs of interest. Because the sensor is based on the thermodynamic coupling of analyte binding to sensor activation, only one target binding domain is required, which simplifies sensor design and allows direct readout in different formats, including in solution.

The resulting biosensors are unique for their simplicity, modularity, and robustness.  Our aim is to translate these properties into applications that represent new value for scientists, clinicians, and patients.


Monod Bio was launched in 2021 as a spin-out company from the University of Washington Institute for Protein Design. The company was founded by an experienced team with deep scientific expertise, prior entrepreneurial success, and robust business and management experience.

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